Favorite California Wildflowers

Tiburon mariposa lily. This rare flower grows in Marin County, and nowhere else in the world !

I get such a kick out of seeing new-to-me plants, especially wildflowers I’ve never seen before. In California, it seems like every single hike has something new to discover. The flowers don’t wait for you either, a lesson I learned after missing the fairy slipper bloom on Mount Tamalpais (dang it). But considering all the new wildflowers I’ve seen this year, I don’t mind really too much. Here are my favorites from this spring’s hikes.

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  1. This exclamation of wonder at a classical music concert.

  2. A touching story of connecting with elders.

  3. Ali Stroker, the first wheelchair user to win a Tony Award.

  4. LaDonna.

  5. My friend Sri and his children, Eesha and Vikram, hiking the 1.5-mile San Andreas Fault Trail in Los Trancos Open Space Preserve.

May 27, 2019

May 27, 2019