Happy 2019!

Happy New Year! It feels like the rush and magic of Christmas is slowly fading away, meshing and transitioning into new ideas, new beginnings, new hopes, and new dreams for 2019.

Regardless of how big your achievements are in 2019, I hope your most rewarding experience yet will be cherishing small moments. For me, noticing little things like a brilliant shade of fall red on a maple leaf makes me feel appreciative, joyful, and present. The best kind of gift :)

The memories I treasure most in 2018 happened outside, sometimes with friends and family and sometimes on my own. Mostly they were small things like discovering ferns I have never seen before. Other times it was sitting under the stars, walking among coast redwoods, and climbing to summits.

In that spirit of presence and gratitude in the outdoors, here are my favorite memories from 2018. These thirty pictures represent precious moments, changing seasons, and natural discoveries—California wonders like calla lilies, mariposa lilies, and the Big Sur coastline. I hope you enjoy them!

Wishing you a wonderful and happy 2019 :)


P.S. This week I was inspired by a quote from Stan Lee in the New York Times article, “Artists We Lost in 2018, in Their Words.”

I wanted the reader to feel we were all friends, that we were sharing some private fun that the outside world wasn’t aware of.
— Stan Lee