75 Great Hikes Seattle

My first book, Moon 75 Great Hikes Seattle, was published in 2017. It features over 100 trails, most within a two-hour drive of Seattle. Each hike was chosen for a special feature: a waterfall, Seattle history, a classic Mount Rainier National Park experience, a fire lookout, 360-degree mountain views, or an alpine lake.

Hikes are organized into six chapters—Puget Sound, Interstate 90, Highway 2, Mountain Loop Highway, Olympic Peninsula, and Mount Rainier—with hike summaries at the beginning of each chapter. Twelve "Best of" categories, including Best Historical Hikes, Best Day Trips, Best Hikes to Lakes, Best Hikes for Kids, Best Hikes off the Beaten Path, Best Easy Hikes, and Best Hikes for Wildflowers provide ideas for your next adventure.

This book was designed for everyone, for hikers of all abilities and motivations to easily find a hike. I hope it inspires you to go outside and enjoy the natural beauty in the Seattle area.

75 Great Hikes Seattle Photos

In addition to writing the book, I also photographed all the trails in the book. I hope you enjoy these color photos from each hike as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Chapter 1 - Puget Sound

Chapter 2 - Interstate 90

Chapter 3 - Highway 2

Chapter 4 - Mountain Loop Highway

Chapter 5 - Olympic Peninsula

Chapter 6 - Mount Rainier