My first book, Moon 75 Great Hikes Seattle, was published in May 2017. It features over 100 trails—most within a two hour drive of Seattle—as well as hikes in Mount Rainier National Park. Hikers of all abilities will enjoy hikes that fit their fitness level, hiking experience, and sense of adventure. Helpful tips are included, such as hiking in Seattle's rainy season, preparing for a day hike, choosing the right recreation pass, handling an emergency, encountering wildlife, hiking with kids, packing the ten essentials, and hiking with dogs.

Detailed maps, driving directions, and practical information—such as the best time of year to hike the trail—are provided, along with bonus options to extend the hike, shorten the hike, grab a coffee or a bite to eat, or have a weekend getaway. Twelve "Best of" categories, including Best Historical Hikes, Best Day Trips, Best Hikes to Lakes, Best Hikes for Kids, Best Hikes off the Beaten Path, Best Easy Hikes, and Best Hikes for Wildflowers provide ideas for your next hiking adventure.

Each trail was chosen for at least one special feature (more often, several!) that makes it a great experience: a collection of waterfalls, a story about Seattle's history, up-close views of Mount Rainier, a historic fire lookout, 360-degree mountain views, or a sparkling alpine lake. Hikes are organized into six chapters—Puget Sound, Interstate 90, Highway 2, Mountain Loop Highway, Olympic Peninsula, and Mount Rainier—with hike summaries at the beginning of each chapter.

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Photos from Moon 75 Great Hikes Seattle

Tipsoo Lake - Naches Peak Loop


Chapter 1 - Puget Sound

Chapter 2 - Interstate 90

Chapter 3 - Highway 2

Chapter 4 - Mountain Loop Highway

Chapter 5 - Olympic Peninsula

Chapter 6 - Mount Rainier